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What's The Best New Zealand Vehicle Rental Liability Option For Me?
By Craig J Spencer

When selecting a New Zealand campervan rental agency, it is vitally important to keep liability cover in mind. Without cover, you are responsible should your vehicle sustain damage or be involved in an accident.Visitors should be aware that vehicle insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand. While your rental vehicle may be covered, if you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle you may be required to forfeit your bond, regardless of fault.Keep in mind that because liability charges for hire vehicles are usually banked immediately, significant delays and currency conversion fees may apply to any refund. Tourists should be wary that although they may have travel insurance, these policies do not usually cover modified vehicles such as campervans or motorhomes.To protect your interests and ensure a safe and happy visit to New Zealand, look for a reputable rental agency. Professional agencies will offer a range of liability reduction options to suit your needs.Standard liability charged when hiring a camper or motorhome in New Zealand can run up to ten thousand dollars. This amount is generally charged to your credit card prior to collecting the vehicle.To ensure peace of mind, it is recommended that you select the maximum liability reduction option available from your chosen agency. Premium liability reduction cover is charged as a minor additional daily fee, and can reduce your liability to anywhere from a few thousand dollars to nothing.A popular choice for New Zealand campervan hire and motorhome rental is Apollo Motorhome Holidays. This highly recommended agency provides VIP cover with a zero dollar liability option.Visit the Apollo Motorhome Holidays website for further information at apollocamper apollocamper Craig_J_Spencer Craig_J_Spencer

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